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Valuing the natural environment that sustains us is a strong American value. Because of that, we’re driving forward, not rolling back on the environment.

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Welcome to Roll Forward Environment. A source of news and information for common sense people who know that actions to strengthen protections for our planet have popular support.

I’m a long-time professional working in media and communications roles for environmental and marine conservation issues. I’m based in Washington, D.C.

For me, it goes back to 2000 and the in-coming administration of President-elect Bush at the time. There was so much being written about “environmental rollbacks” and “rolling back protections for clean air, water, etc.” Though I’m sure my elders who care for the planet can recall even earlier times.

“Rollback” was in my face so much, I felt like I was in WalMart.

Over Thanksgiving 2016, I took some time to stand up this project to channel some of the energy and emotion generated by the election. This site is for everyday people who share the same energy.
My great hope is that in some small way this project can be informative and helpful. If it gives a morale boost to the hardworking folks supporting grassroots environmental organizations, so much the better.
I greatly appreciate your time and attention, and would love to hear from you with your thoughts and reactions.
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